South Lincolnshire Walking Festival 2018

29 September to 28 October 2018


Download the 2018 brochure

The brochure will be ready for download later in the summer of 2018.

Times are getting tough, and your festival is in jeopardy. This year we’re charging a small fee for some of the walks and asking for donations for the remainder. This is to help fund the administration of the festival. If you wish, you can donate towards the production of the brochure and the running costs of the festival.  If you want to see your festival continue, as little as £3 will make a huge difference.

You can simply turn up for most of the walks, but if the walk you choose is booking-only, please call the number printed in the brochure to book your place. The start point will be provided when you book.


Updates, changes and cancellations



Staying a while? Find accommodation at VisitLincolnshire’s website.

Self-led walks

The south of the county is spoilt for self-led, downloadable walks. Here are a few:

North Kesteven Stepping Out Walks

Walking in Lincolnshire


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