South Lincolnshire Walking Festival 2019

28 September to 27 October 2019

Meet Boston’s Health Walks!

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boston health walks

Our pilot festival in 2015 enjoyed massive support from Boston’s extremely successful Health Walks programme through its co-ordinator, walk leaders and dedicated walkers. Once again, Boston’s walk leaders will be leading lots of #SLWF walks this autumn!

Next year Boston Health Walks will have been running for 10 years and is planning a celebration walk for their 400+ members and 50 volunteers who deliver 12 different walks every week. They have seen many improvements in the health and wellbeing of their members, be it mentally, socially or physically. This is very rewarding for everyone and all involved feel the walking programme has become a vital service within their community.

Frances Taylor Walks Co-ordinator for Boston says “The walk leaders show such commitment to their groups and are always ready to welcome new walkers. They encourage walkers to improve their walking and are ready to support those that need it. Without such amazing walk leaders the programme would definitely not be the success that it has proven to be.”

Boston Health Walks have entered 11 walks into the festival and look forward to welcoming people from the wider community to them. If you’re interested in finding out about joining Boston’s Health Walks programme, walk details and contact information are available on the website.

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